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2D to 3D CAD Conversion

The 3D models are used for many different purposes, from entertainment, to architecture and scientific research. The 3D images will be of much use in case we need to edit. All three dimensional images are created from two-dimensional images. The art design projects are often different and treated in the opposite way. If we have a two-dimensional image, then we can use a 2d to 3d conversion. If you have a two-dimensional design, and we want to 3d convert, you must know the specific dimensions, specifications and descriptions.

2D to 3D CAD Conversion

2D to 3D CAD Conversion

What is the most important part to convert 2d to 3d?

It is difficult to convert from 2d to 3d, and therefore some people can not do or try to do so by a computer program without having good results.

To perform this task is particularly important that the designer is a professional. In the case of trying to make this work someone knows how to do, the results are not ideal.

Therefore, the most important for 2d to 3d conversion is to be done by a professional and not by anyone who thinks they can do it. (2d to 3d conversion).

Why is it supposed to work with a professional company?

Shop Drawing Services specialized in this sector. We work with various 3d Softwares. We are specialized in 2d to 3d conversion, and master of all the techniques of computer aided design. (2d to 3d convert).

Shop Drawing Services dominate all phases of the creation of elements and three-dimensional graphics. There are five phases, and it is difficult for one person to work with them all effectively, but a professional can always do a great job.

The phases are as follows:

• Modeling: Consists go shaping individual objects that are later used in the scene.
• Lighting: Creating different types point lights, directional area or volume, with a different color or properties (this is essential for good animation).
• Global Illumination: Each surface around the object will produce a different light intensity from different directions and with different color shades on the object depending on the color of each surface and in turn also bounce light on the object of attention.
• Animation: Each object can be animated using basic transformations in all three axes (XYZ), rotation, scaling and translation, or by shape (skeleton, distorting or dynamic).
• Rendering: This is the final process of generating 2D animation or image from the scene created, and this can be compared to taking a photo or in the case of animation, to film a scene from real life.
As we can see, the design world is very complicated, so that we ourselves can perform all necessary tasks. For this reason, for 2d to 3d conversion, or for any design task, which requires the use of software (such as AutoCAD), we work with a specialized company.

Shop Drawing Services offer very competitive prices and an absolute satisfaction guarantee. Always made more complicated our work effectively and efficiently. You’ll have a job well done, and more free time.

Autocad Convert 3D To 2D

We provide 3d to 2d conversion service too. Existing 3d file extension does not important. 3d solid Autocad file convert to 2d Cad file much easier than other 3d file types.

Autocad 3d to 2d drawing progress steps,

— 3d file import to Autocad,
— If existing file damaged re-draw is an option,
— Create 2d drawings with commands from solid 3d Autocad file,
— If existing 3d file type is different than solid, some specific ways necessary.