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PDF To CAD Steps

1) Provide us PDF or hard copy files for conversion job. (Ftp, email, mail)
2) Let us review your Pdf files
3) Get your quote for PDF to Cad convert project and take our advice for the best conversion option.
4) Schedule your delivery date for converted Autocad files.
5) Let us work
6) Take your files on scheduled date.

In drawing industry, we have big issues for pdf to cad conversion. Many third party software claim that they can properly convert, however the end result usually is not satisfactory. Because of technical drawing needs all drawings must be very accurate. 3rd party software works like some kind of scanner. Main idea is scan the pdf file and create the lines as vectors. So this scanner %90 give scaling mistakes also they can ignore some lines which is a big issue. So, if you want the final product or structure to be without mistakes, proper way to convert pdf 2 cad should done manually by a drafter. Maybe simple pdf files can be converted in a hybrid way to save time.

In order to get the best results, it is always a good idea to get your files audited by a drafter even though it is converted by a software. Also, it is obvious that autocad does not have this feature because of the sensitivity of this task.

Although, 3rd party software conversion seems to be more cost effective, it may be very costly if the end result does not meet the requirements. For example, if a curtain wall project’s pdf file is converted through a 3rd party pdf to cad software and there is a 2-3 inches of difference than the actual drawing, actual product won’t match to site opening and there will be a 2-3 inches of gap between the window frame to wall. It means all the money spent on glass, aluminum profiles, installation, labour and shipment results in loss. That way, while trying to save on pdf 2 cad conversion, it might result in a huge loss which is unacceptable for businesses.

Another example would be, sometimes drawing file does not show some parts of dimensions. So, manufacturers, architect or engineer use the scale rulers. Those rulers adjusted for exact scales. If your pdf to autocad converted final file has some wrong scaling cause of 3rd party software those rulers show wrong dimensions and the results is going to be same as the above example. As you can see, pdf to cad conversion is not a simple task and it requires some professional audit and work. If you are serious about your business and your products, you should avoid relying on 3rd party software and always get a professional drafter’s advice at least until Autodesk features this option and take responsibility for its users.