In order to convert PDF to DXF is necessary to first know what a PDF file, and what a DXF file is. First, I’ll start talking about PDF files, and what those acronyms, and what it is used.

PDF is a file extension of a proprietary format owned by the American company Adobe. This file type cannot be used freely.

Now, explain what a DXF file, which company belongs and what is its function.

DXF Files are files created for computer aided design, and were created primarily to enable interoperability between files. Dwg. The acronym DXF, come from “Drawing Interchange Format”.


DXF files were created in order to share data between CAD programs (these acronyms mean computer-aided design, drawing not as some people may think).

These files are text files that contain drawing information that can be read with other CAD systems. Depending on the size and complexity of the original design, it is possible that the AutoCAD drawing contains a large number of primitive objects, and this could affect the performance of the drawing. With the AutoCAD program also have the ability to make our own drawings, but for that you require high mathematical skills, so I could not do any person who believes that this is drawing software. If an artist wants the software to express his art, would be easier to do it on a canvas as if it has a high level of math this might be impossible.

Now that you know what each type of files is, we can talk about what the possibilities we have to convertPDF to DXF.

Sometimes we can find maps in PDF, which have still generated from a mapping program therefore include vector and need to import them into AutoCAD.

In the former case we would need to convert that PDF file in DXF, to open it with AutoCAD so that we would have two options.

One is to purchase a document converter software, which, in addition to convert PDF to DXF, will serve to convert all types of files, but these programs are often expensive, and perhaps those who purchase not given the option of convert such documents and end up spending a large sum of cash for somewhat that is not worth it, or if I can use it to convert those files but only worth it for that, and only use it a couple of times.

The best possible solution is that a good company does the work for you because a team always make better job than computer software.

There are companies that can turn any size or type of paper you need to use in high-quality electronic files, giving us a really great drawing with AutoCAD, and impossible to do with a computer program.

These companies can make architectural drawings, electrical schematics, civil drawings, designs and drawings of fire protection design drawings utilities, and all the drawings that you or your company needs.

All services include new wording leaves or convert raster image to DXF file with vectors. Also does other work such as for example modify customer DXF files and add reviews or include original drawings, following the instructions given by the client, either in a written document or in a PDF file. Such companies usually have very competitive prices and help solve engineering problems.

For all these reasons and many more, the best we can do to convert PDF to DXF is to hire a company that specializes in this work as they can do for us many things that we do or can not do any software we find in the market.