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Commercial Millwork Shop Drawings

Shop Drawing Services Ltd. has been for 15 years, providing millwork and woodwork companies with high quality commercial millwork shop drawings. Regardless of the complexity level, we are committed to providing detailed millwork shop drawings within the agreed upon time-frame as a result, our company is the sector leader.

Our Millwork Shop Drawings are always “approved”. Best service guaranteed!

We transform design / architectural drawings to engineering shop drawings within very competitive timelines. In summary our drawings always get approved!

Commercial millwork shop drawing

Expert team

With over 15 years of experience in the millwork industry, our portfolio of projects ranges from basic kitchen cabinets to complex industrial millwork CAD drawings. We understand your designer’ s expectations from the drawings and meet these expectations with excellence. Our millwork engineers fuse architectural design to create commercial millwork shop drawings. We offer unbeatable engineering experience for millwork shop drawings on the other keeping the short project delivery time .

Our team of experts specializes in:

  • Commercial millwork drawings
  • Architectural and custom millwork shop drawings
  • Hospital millwork shop drawings
  • Commercial casework shop drawings
  • Custom reception desks shop drawings
  • Concierge desk shop drawings
  • Bar design millwork drawings
  • Wood panel wall cladding shop drawings
Commercial millwork shop drawing

We are providing complimentary 3D visuals of the commercial millwork shop drawings to every customer while no additional cost to you.

We transform the design to Commercial Millwork Shop Drawings

As industry experts we can spot potential missing details in the architectural design such as missed fillers, panels without cleats, unspecified appliances or gain directions, oversize cabinets and similar issues.
We will specify the possible manufacturing issues and edit the drawing with your permission.

Always on time

We guarantee project delivery timeliness which is also under the warranty in our contract.

If you wonder Shop Drawing Review progress please read more at Ontario Association of Architects website more about reviewing progress.