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Engineer Stamped Shop Drawings-Engineer (Approved) Shop Drawings

When you need structural engineer stamped approved shop drawings, we are ready to provide all set together.

Structural engineer reviews your metal shop drawing set. If engineer needs to make change on connection details or the overall project we provide the requirements. You will save a huge time for your engineer approved shop drawing set.

Engineer Stamped Shop Drawings

For Professional Engineer Stamp Drawings

1 Shop Drawing Services Ltd will create your railing or any kind of metal shop drawings depends on project design requirements.
2 You will receive the shop drawings before the professional engineer seal.
3 Shop Drawing Services Ltd will meet with engineer to review all project details, after your approve.
4 If Professional Engineer requires any change, we will apply the revisions on shop drawing set.
5 Then you will be receive your professional engineer stamped shop drawings set.

Please don t forget, we provide Professional Engineer Stamp Drawings just for Ontario projects.