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Structural Steel Shop Drawings

Please let us introduce you to our Structural Steel Shop Drawings Services. We already known, you are in a rush to get your quote and to have your file completed as soon as possible. That will be happen. Please do keep in mind this rush may affect your Company’s choices, in a negative way. By choosing an unprofessional Company to complete your project you may end up with constant back and forth files resulting in unexpected and valuable time loss.

What Does Mean Structural Steel Shop Drawings ?

We can basically say, drawing set drawn by steel specialized CAD drafter for steel manufacturing company. Shop drawing set shows steel manufacture company well understand the project structural engineer and represent their production way match with the requirements. It is also a good opportunity to all project team to review and catch up some miss or weak point of the structural project. In this case steel manufacturing company shows some solution options to structural engineer for his/her approval.

We Know Our Responsibility!

Our team has top engineering skills coupled with analytical skills giving us the ability to trouble shoot. Come up with different solutions to complex and incorrectly designed pieces. Our skills are enough to handle complicated structural frames and joining. This makes us confident, we can handle any type of structural steel project.

Structural Steel Shop Drawings Beam Plan
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Our References

We have many references that will vouch for our integrity and quality of work. You are more than welcome to ask for them. We have partners with whom we work within the Steel Erection/Fabrication industry both in the US and Canada. Some of which include California, Florida, New York, Washington, Texas, Alabama, Ontario, Vancouver and more. We are also able to provide Professional Engineer stamped structural steel drawings for the province of Ontario. Unfortunately, this option is not available for any other States/Provinces currently.

What do we need to quote steel project?

We hope that you do chose us as your partner in completing your project. We strive to complete your project in a time efficient manner and finish in one shot. Please email your Structural steel drawing set or provide a downloadable link before calling, giving us time to review.  We receive calls like, “How much Structural Steel Shop Drawings? , How long will be it take? “. It is impossible to answer. We do Steel tower shop drawings, steel bridge shop drawings, large hotel shop drawings, sometimes a very small house couple steel column shop drawings. It is hard to answer those critical questions without reviewing the file. We will answer all your questions after reviewing your set.

Structural Steel Standards

American Institute of Steel Construction is determinate the standards. You can reach their education page by clicking this link.

Welder Structural Steel Shop Drawings

What is in Structural Steel Shop Drawings Set ?

Our Structural Steel Shop Drawings Services offer Erection drawing sets with all joining details as well as 3D drawings of your project. We will communicate with you throughout, awaiting your reviews and engineering comments. Following your approve, we will provide Assembly drawings, Single piece drawings, Bill of Materials and on-site bolt list at our fully completed Structural Steel Shop Drawings set.
Shop Drawing Services Ltd. is so excited to see your file and provide our proposal. Please just simply click on the contact us link below for the further information. Thanks again for visiting our page and reading all.

Do you need to have structural steel shop drawings sample pdf ?

We are aware so many kinds of drawings providing under “steel shop drawings” title which one is totally not acceptable for steel business standards. Sure, you would like to see some structural steel shop drawings sample pdf files before start to any progress. Even you might be our colleague and freshly start in our business as a result you are searching for some sample files to figure out. Either case, please let us know your structural steel project type and please don’t hesitate to ask pdf sample file.

Nice To Be Aware of,

Some companies or individuals in our specialized area that claim to be the Jack of all Trades but, are masters of none. They believe they can handle the Structural Steel Shop Drawings with just CAD drafting skills alone. Some offer to provide website, on-line graphic, and logo services in addition to the Shop Drawings Services. You may end up with just a copy of an existing structural drawing set; then be forced to start your search all over again. As a result, might cost to losing three weeks and budget. It does not mean all competition companies like that. Just need to be careful with the first choose.