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Shop drawings set of manufacturing drawing provided by manufacturer or general contractor. Sometimes people confused about terminology. We often have calls from who likes to design their Barber, Coffee, or flower shop. Nope. It is not what we are talking here.  The main purpose of shop drawings, otherwise known as fabrication drawings, is to illustrate manufacturing methods and details. Shop drawings also mixed with architectural drawings. They have similarity however, shop drawings are detailed drawings of the original architectural drawing set produced by the manufacturer or the contractor to accurately demonstrate the fabrication and installation of a product. Initially the architectural drawing is examined and interpreted, leading to a drawn version of discussed manufacturing methods, materials, and material availability. Our objective is to show how the contractor plans to meet the intent of contract’s design requirements.

Why you shouldn’t copy Architectural Drawing as Shop Drawings ?

For example, let’s say we are working on a simple steel column joining and existing diagram shows a rectangular steel mounting plate with (2) 1/2″ diameter bolts however this does not mean we must do the same if you are not feeling safe with that . As professionals, we would consider the mounting circumstances in this particular case and decide that a rectangular base plate come with (4) 5/8″ bolts are a much safer fit so we would go that route. Then ask project engineer approve at our set.



It is so open terminology as we indicated at the above. Needs to be clarify for easy understanding each other. We offer the following drawings but not limited to:

Steel • Millwork  Railing • Structural Steel • Cladding • Commercial Millwork

Our common projects include Steel, millwork, windows, staircase & railings , metal cladding, skylights, stainless steel products. However, if we feel comfortable with our knowledge sometimes we take responsibility for other products too. 

What is the steps for shop drawing review process?

Our main purpose is to describe the specifications of the materials, the joining details and the general as well as detailed dimensions of the product. We have to keep communication with contractor at this step. This is why we call our self as your seamless partner at shop drawings projects. When we feel comfortable, we are ready to next step. The architect or engineer will review and highlight all the provided details to be sure our drawing set perfectly match to design purpose and overall big picture of project. Our goal is to have a successful installation and a satisfied client so the communication pattern needs to be clear between all parties.

What is your duty at review progress ?

We strongly recommend keep your time and double checking all drawing sets before emailing the 3rd party. These drawings need to be exact, otherwise it is hard to go backwards as it costs time and money. Our main target should be show our manufacturing style clearly and get the approval fast as we can. This is important for project overall complete time and our precious building productivity time.

If You Like To Search More,

This link form Canada government website clearly indicates the responsibility and Shop Drawings Review Process if you like to read.

Contact us with any questions regarding your next project. Alternately you can call or visit our shop drawings office.


What is a bill of materials? Is that always required?

A bill of materials is a detailed list of all the materials with their cut sizes that are required to build a product including raw materials, parts, components, assemblies, and the needed quantity of each part. Sometimes part of this bill table is also a specific set of instructions on how to use or cut the materials listed. We like to provide as separate drawings and usually use the bill of materials table just show the total material order requirement. During the time it doesn’t mean we provide for all projects. Steel structural drawings always has the list. But other manufacturing areas might or might not required. In addition, we can also provide DXF files for CNC or laser cutting upon request.

How to calculate shop drawings prices?

It is the one of most important question about our budget. Unfortunately, it is no direct answer for that like buying a certain product. Our business in service sector. Lawyer can not answer “How much my case will be cost?” or Architect can not answer “How much cost a house design?”. We need to provide more information about our requirement. It is same here. We require some specificities to answer this question, here are a few pointers on how we price our drawings.
How complex is the project?
What is the timeframe in which the project must be completed?
How much knowledge required for that project?
That is the reason we need to ask some source files or sketches to get an idea about the project.

We do not work at an hourly rate or charge per page. We examine your project well from the start, communicate with you about any details and give you a quote. Transparency is important to us and we don’t believe in surprise or hidden charges. Get your quote today!

Common ways to determinate shop drawing cost,

Per Page: Your payment determinate at the end of job with page count. It is not a safe choose. Here is why, the page count is totally under drafting company control. You can explain same project with 10 pages or 30 pages.

Hourly Rate: All we use this method at our life. That is the reason client usually feel comfortable with this payment system. However, it is not good idea and so open to fraud. Even if all parties so honest still some question will stay at mind which one is so normal. You or your manager wasn’t with the person to count the time, or no one used your employee time clock. That is the reason sometimes you received hourly $5 or $10 commercial emails. Probably they will charge 4-6 hours for 1 hour task. Payment should much clear as you provide quote your client.

shop drawings

Page view from Millwork Shop Drawing Set

shop drawings

One Of Joining Detail from Structural Steel Shop Drawing set