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We provide steel shop drawings for structural steel drawings, metal frames, steel stairs, steel railings and stainless steel products. We work on all size of projects.

The designer, architect, contractor, engineer, and manufacturers need to be sure they have come up with the right details at the steel shop drawings. For that reason approved shop drawings are very important before the production. Drawing set suppose to be very detailed and easy following. All parties understand design scope, accurate measurements, and the type of steel frames.

Sample Joining Detail

Which kind of list and drawings in set?

Project might be new building or renovation or additional building to existing. We are ready to provide,
1) erection drawings 3D,
2) shop drawings* (assembly)
3*) shop drawings* (single parts),
4*) Part list,
5*) Bolt list,
6*) Shipping bill and NC1 files
* Please let us know what you are exactly looking for. How much depth you like to go..Your choose will be effect drawing timing and our quote.

Rendering image from Drawings

What is Steel Shop Drawings ?

Let us explain in very simple frame. Steel shop drawings are like very detailed instruction manuals for building with steel. They are made by experts who specialize in designing how steel pieces fit together in a construction project.

Here’s what you need to know:

Super Detailed: These drawings are incredibly detailed. They show exactly how each piece of steel should be made and put together.
Based on Plans: They start with big plans made by architects and engineers. The shop drawings take those plans and make them super specific for the people who will actually build with the steel.
Piece Names: Every piece of steel gets a special name or code. This helps everyone know which piece is which.
How They Connect: They show how the pieces of steel should be joined together. This could be through welding, bolts, or other methods.
Type of Steel: They say what kind of steel to use for each piece. There are different types of steel, and it’s important to use the right one.
Not Too Close, Not Too Far: They also say how much space should be between the pieces. This makes sure everything fits together properly.
Working Together: They show how the steel works with other parts of the building, like pipes and wires.
Getting Approval: Before building, these drawings are shown to important people like architects and engineers to make sure everything looks good.
Following the Rules: These drawings are like the law for building with steel. They make sure everyone is doing the work the right way.

So, in simple words, steel shop drawings are like super-detailed instruction manuals that tell builders exactly how to put together all the steel pieces in a construction project. They make sure everything fits and works properly.

The steel shop drawings need to be in the right presentation and very accurate for a building to be complete. Shop drawing does not show only the plan view. Drawing includes the specifications, the direction, shape, thickness, and the measurements of steel elements. Shop Drawing Services ready to provide your next project’ s drawings.

Steel stair shop drawings need to be accurate too. Staircase shop drawing set includes the thickness of materials, the overall shape and type of materials. It is important to work on real staircase opening dimensions rather than architectural drawing set shown. This will guide the contractor, the installer and the architect, on the correct way of placement.

People like to use stainless steel railings at their modern projects. Stainless steel railing shop drawings have to be very accurate. It should be exactly match with the right shape, the right size and in line with the stairs. It is important to have railing shop drawings, come up with correct shape, dimensions, height and thickness. Drawing is also have the information about the bolts and welding types. You will find it is easier when all the details are indicated in the steel shop drawing set. Please check out our railing shop drawing page for more details.

We are ready to work for your next project. Please contact us for your questions.